Empower Your Team with RFP
Response Builder

RFP Response Builder has been developed by CorsPro, who has been empowering organizations to efficiently generate sales documents since 2003.  We've identified problems in the sales cycle that we could help solve by developing automated solutions that help sales teams generate consistent, accurate, polished documents, from proposals and SOWs to contracts and RFP responses.   

Our Approach


We are all about investing in your success. This means we focus on how you use the tool. We listen to you, using your feedback for future development. 

Start simple. Grow it from there.

The software is simple. The design is complex. RFP Response Builder allows you to layer on more advanced features as you evolve.

We Obsess Over Every Click

We focus on making software easy to use so that it's fast and intuitive. One less click may not seem like much, but when you add them up, it can make a big difference in your day.

Make RFPs Suck Less!

The RFP process is never easy, and we acknowledge that. We set out to create a software tool that is designed to be less frustrating to use, making RFPs suck less.

Our Story

In the early 1990’s, CorsPro founder Brian Cors created his first proposal tool using WordPerfect to help his company’s sales team generate proposals.  This lit the proposal generator “lightbulb” that has been turned on ever since.  After creating another proposal generator for a second employer, Brian began to wonder about creating a fast, user friendly proposal generator on his own that could be shared with other companies to help them create professional proposals more efficiently. With this idea in mind, in 2003 Brian struck out on his own to found CorsPro and launch his first software solution, SalesDoc Architect (SDA), to empower sales organizations.

Seeing a similar hole in the market – and leveraging the rich, robust feature set developed over 15+ years with SDA – Brian architected another software solution in 2020 called RFP Response Builder that enables clients to respond quickly and effectively to requests for proposal (RFPs). Today, CorsPro is still empowering business professionals to sell more in less time and, with the addition of RFP Response Builder, making it a whole lot easier to create winning RFP responses.

Our Technology Philosophy

Our technology philosophy reflects who we are and how we act as a company.  Internally, we like to utilize the best desktop and cloud-based applications available.  Likewise, our software solution utilizes the best features of and technologies for the desktop and the cloud.

With employee and contractor resources located across the world, we optimize the remote worker experience and embrace “virtual company” best practices.  Internally, we are heavy users of cloud-based applications such as Microsoft 365 (including Microsoft Teams), Smartsheet, Zoom and Hubspot.  Externally – for our applications and solutions – we utilize several best-in-class cloud technologies and integrations, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DocuSign.

We also embrace the desktop and the occasional need to work offline.  Our solution is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office at the desktop – a rich and powerful suite of applications familiar to millions of users – which allows our users to leverage all Microsoft Office features and functions within our solution.

One of the key ingredients in our proprietary “sauce” is our ability to integrate the desktop with the cloud, enabling our clients and users to…

  • Synchronize data between the cloud and the desktop
  • View and manage opportunities, quotes and documents via a flexible, mobile-friendly Dashboard
  • Auto-upload Word, Excel and other files to shared file locations in SharePoint, on the network or cloud-hosted by CorsPro in AWS
  • Work offline for most tasks
To sum it all up, our technology philosophy – which incorporates best-in-class elements from the cloud and desktop – has enabled us to develop a software application that is feature-rich, quick and easy to use, and helps our clients to sell more in less time.