RFP Automation Software

Automated Solution for Every RFP Response

RFP Response Builder is Office-integrated software that produces RFP responses, proposals and SOWs.

Quickly Search, Add and Edit Content

No More Hunting Down Content

Search the content library from a panel that pops out from within Microsoft Word. Insert content into the response document and add content to the Library with a few simple clicks. With the RFP Response Builder, keeping your Content Library up-to-date is as simple as adding and editing content in Microsoft Word!

Easy-to-Manage RFP & Proposal Management

Manage the Process, Not the People

Manage the RFP and sales response process better by breaking down RFP responses and proposals into easy-to-manage sections that can be assigned to team members for review by designated due dates. Updates to these sections are auto-saved to a location where you can auto-generate the combined RFP response or proposal document, including all updates. Reduce confusion and the never-ending flow of back-and-forth emails. Built-in workflows provide an accessible overview of assignments, automated email notifications, and tasks by project or individual on a dynamic Dashboard that keeps you one step ahead.

Did you know...

RFP Builder is a powerful option for building dynamic
Sales Proposals & Statements of Work!

See the Big Picture

Manage Projects, Tasks, and Documents from a Dynamic Dashboard

View and check the progress of all tasks, projects, and documents from an automated, cloud-based Dashboard. Review tasks by project or by the individually set reminders and track due dates from any web browser or mobile device, making it easy to manage projects and stay on task.

Cloud-Synchronized Content Library

Providing Real-Time Updates or Access Offline

Push updates to all users through user-friendly cloud-based synchronization. Don’t have remote access to the cloud?  Work offline and still gain access to a powerful Content Library that contains text, graphics, tables, or any kind of content that can be incorporated into a Word document, be it online or offline.

Simplify Large RFP Responses

Break Down Large Projects into Manageable Components

Split large RFP documents into sub-documents, assign them to team members, and then auto-assemble the sub-documents into a final RFP response document when you're done. The Content Outline quickly generates proposals, statements of work, sales letters, and other types of documents. Add PDFs, images, and other files into the Content Outline, maximizing the value of RFP Response Builder.

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Mistake-Free Responses

Cleaner, Easier, and Faster

The “devil is in the details,” and RFP Response Builder automates formatting to adjust to your target document’s style automatically.   Content is auto-cleaned when it’s added to the library.  Use the final review features for a professional and error-free RFP response that is sure to beat the competition and win more deals. 

Lightening-Quick Setup; Even Faster User Adoption

Day One Productivity

Since RFP Response Builder is built into the tools your team members use every day, users immediately respond to the flexibility and familiarity of a Word-based tool.   Admins can easily add users, assign user roles and send an auto-generated email with username/password and installation links.  Start adding content to your library with your very next RFP response, then perfect and categorize the content as you go.

Built into Microsoft Office

Leveraging the Software You Use Every Day

Our software is built into Word and Excel, so it’s easy to learn and use. Our tight integration gives you all the power of RFP Response Builder inside the Microsoft Office user interface. Don’t add another piece of disconnected software to the workload. Integrate the power of RFP Response Builder into a Word document that makes it easy to search, add and edit content, and leverage the full feature set of Microsoft Office.

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Simple, Powerful Document Management

Automated Document Management
The Power to Store Files Your Way

RFP Response Builder lets you store project documents and files your way. Store files on a network drive, in SharePoint, or cloud-hosted through us. Manage your entire RFP process from our powerful cloud-based Dashboard, and automate how you name and save files. Document management, workflows and DocuSign integration give you the trifecta boost to manage projects, view tasks, check files in and out, and send documents for e-signature from one central location. It’s automation, your way.

Polished Proposals and SOWs within One Package

Customer-Facing Documents that Leave a Lasting Impression

RFP Response Builder is robust enough to handle complex RFP Responses and simple enough to produce professional proposals, statements of work (SOWs), contracts, sales letters and more with just a few clicks. Content Outlines can be used for more complex customer-facing documents, enabling users to select or add the Content Outline elements of their choosing and the ability to assemble those content elements into a final output within seconds. The separate functions within the RFP process are now neatly wrapped up into a single package.

Fresh, Accurate Content

Proactively Ensure that Content is Always Fresh & Accurate

Search a comprehensive content library by category, sub-category or keyword and insert content instantly into any RFP response document. Users can then submit content for review and, depending on their role, add to or edit content in the library. Quickly view expired content and make updates in real-time, ensuring your content is fresh, accurate, and ready to go. 

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Industries that benefit from
RFP response software

Organizations of all sizes and industries use RFP Response Builder to enhance their RFP process — simplifying repetitive tasks, increasing response speed, and growing revenue.
Unleash your organization’s full potential with powerful RFP management software that’s flexible, responsive, and easy to use. Our comprehensive RFP automation software is used in various sectors including:
With RFP Response Builder, every request becomes an opportunity to grow and stand out from the competition.
Empower your team with an end-to-end RFP solution designed to boost win rates and improve proposal performance.

Generate RFP responses that win RFPs and Drive Revenue

Say goodbye to manually tracking changes, responding to previously answered questions anew, and combing through old proposals and endless email threads. With our RFP response automation software, generate dynamic customer-facing documents for RFPs, proposals, and statements of work designed to outperform your competitors.

RFP Response Builder is deeply integrated with Microsoft Office and requires minimal end-user training. With easy installation and maintenance, end users can start adding content and categorizing their library within an hour of downloading it.

Manage your entire RFP process from an intuitive cloud-based Dashboard. View assignments, assign roles, assign content reviews and approve tasks from a single, convenient location.