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The RFP Process 

Start to Finish, Simplified

Process, Simplified

Simple yet powerful features keep your team on task.  Respond accurately, polished, and on time.

Busy Work, Automated

No more wasted time on repetitive tasks.  No more searching far and wide for content, cleaning up documents, and chasing down responses from other team members.

Workflow, Intuitive

Get big picture control and start managing the RFP process instead of the people.

Productivity, Enhanced

Work in tools (Microsoft Office) you use every day, making it easy to add, maintain and insert content.

The Right Content, Available Now

Quickly search for needed content, then double-click to insert it directly into the response document.

Response Documents, Polished

Consistently produce stand-out responses that are polished and professional.

Mistake-free RFP & Proposal Responses 

Ready to use in under an hour!

Not only is RFP Response Builder easy to use, it’s easy to set up and maintain.  In fact, you can start using it within an hour of downloading it.  And you can say goodbye to onerous maintenance and outdated content.  We make it easy to maintain accurate, fresh content.

Keep Every Response on Track

Build projects, assign tasks, leave comments, and set deadlines, so your team knows what needs to be done.

Assign the Right Roles

Enable people to do what they do best by assigning roles that allow them to use, update, edit, or delete content in your content library.

Day One Productivity

Start adding content with your very next RFP, then perfect your library and categorize your content as you go.

Day One Return on Investment

If you spend at least 5 hours a month finding content, cutting/pasting and reformatting your RFP responses, then RFP Response Builder is a no-brainer!

Work Inside Tools You Already Know

Training and user adoption are a breeze!

Our software works inside the tools you already know.  Insert content directly into your Word response documents.  Add content to your library from any Word document.

Plus+ you can insert content into Excel responses and use Excel to create highly automated content outlines.

Want to see how RFP Response Builder Works? 

Key RFP Response Builder


Fast and easy is the key.  Using the tools that you use every day makes RFP Response Builder simple to use.  Get polished and professional responses in less time to help you win more RFPs. 

Project Tracking

Remove frustration by improving visibility to tasks and due dates in the Dashboard.

Content Management

We make it easy to see outdated content and for users to request content reviews, helping you keep your content fresh and up to date.

Mistake-Free Reviews

Our Final Review function auto-checks for orphaned comments, unfilled variables, tracked changes, and items still needing review.

Quick Access to Content

Quickly search and easily add, edit or insert content from within your Word document.

Stored locally, cloud-synchronized

Content is stored locally for super-fast searching and working offline and cloud-synchronized for no-delay content distribution to all your users, wherever they are.


Our auto-formatting takes the “ugh” out of responding to RFPs.  Inserted content automatically inherits the same styles and fonts as the document you’re using.

Proposals and Statements of Work

Generate dynamically assembled proposals and statements of work that win more deals and protect project margins.

Customer Onboarding, Success, and Support

Help content, how-to videos, email support … we can provide what you need, when you need it!

Still not sure?

We understand the amount of time that has probably already gone into finding an RFP, sales proposal or SOW solution. Find an option that works for where you are today.

Industries that benefit 
from RFP Response Builder

Organizations of all sizes and sectors rely on RFP Response Builder to produce error-free sales documents.
Some of the industries that benefit from our cloud-based RFP tool include:
By eliminating manual entry, we protect organizations from costly RFP errors and help deliver responses that are personalized and updated. Content is also stored in a central, cloud-synchronized location allowing users to work offline, wherever they are.

Start your free trial now and experience seamless RFP response automation like never before.