RFP Software for Information Technology

Say goodbye to outdated content and unsearchable files. RFP Response Builder lets you manage RFPs for IT services with speed, accuracy, and ease. Save precious time and close deals faster with polished, mistake-free responses.

How Automation Can Transform 
RFP Management

Accommodate multiple contributors

Responding to RFPs for information technology services is a team effort. You will be working with contributors and reviewers who need to examine every detail before submission. An RFP software lets you collaborate with the entire team seamlessly.

Stay organized

No more copying and pasting from emails, searching through countless files, or merging multiple documents. Responses are auto-saved and stored in a common library where you can review and refresh them when needed.

Save time producing and refining answers

In many cases, your company will have to work on several similar proposals. With an automated RFP software, you can reuse and refresh past responses to common questions in less time.

Easily revise outdated content

A powerful RFP tool notifies you of expired content or unfilled variables, so you can update responses without any hassle.

What sets RFP Response Builder
apart from other tools

Consistently fresh and accurate content

With RFP Response Builder, gain access to your own searchable RFP content library that’s comprehensive, streamlined, and updated. Search through files by category, sub-category or keyword and insert content effortlessly into any RFP response document.

Simple yet effective RFP management

Manage the RFP process better by assigning roles, establishing timelines, and allowing real-time collaboration. RFP Response Builder simplifies large requests for information technology services into more digestible sections. These sub-documents can then be assigned to specific team members for review. Any changes to these sections are auto-saved and centralized for easy access.

Oversee documents from a dynamic dashboard

With an automated cloud-based dashboard, users can monitor all tasks, projects, and documents at every stage. Track assignment by project or receive individually set reminders from any desktop or mobile device.

Cloud-synchronized content library

Having a cloud-based synchronized library means users can work offline and get push updates in real time. Enjoy easy access to a powerful content library that features all the text, tables, graphics, and content that can be added into a Word document, be it online or offline.

Ultra-fast setup and user adoption

RFP Response Builder is easy to install and use. The software is built to integrate effortlessly into Microsoft Word and Excel. Since commands and features are familiar, user adoption is quick and seamless. Team members can start adding content immediately and see improvements in responses to IT RFPs right away.

Create fast and on-brand RFP responses

If you’re looking for a flexible RFP management software, then you’ve come to the right place. With RFP Response Builder’s user-friendly cloud-synchronized knowledge base, you can speed up response time while providing winning answers.

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Why RFP Response Builder 
is worth the investment?

Clearly, investing in a powerful RFP management software for your business requires upfront costs. Employees must also be given ample time to learn the software. That said, the right tool can work wonders for your team.

From identifying bottlenecks to keeping content current, RFP Response Builder offers an end-to-end solution for all your RFP management needs. By automating tasks, you get to save time and resources while ensuring all RFPs for information technology services are completed accurately.

Install our software now and produce engaging, cohesive, and compelling responses within an hour.

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