See RFP Response Builder in action!

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Find & Insert Content from the Library

This video provides an overview of how RFP Response Builder helps you respond to RFPs by adding and inserting content directly into your document.

Add Content to the Library

Learn how to add, edit and maintain content in your library directly in Microsoft Word. Discover more about specific roles related to adding and maintaining content.

Manage Projects in a Dashboard

In this video you will see what work has been done, review content assignments and keep all your RFPs organized from one dashboard view.

Assign & Complete Review Tasks

Discover how to assign sections to other people, review saved updates to the same location, send notifications and get team updates automatically.

Finalize Your RFP Response

This video is centered around finalizing your RFP Response.  Our RFP final document review wizard will check for missing tags, incomplete sections and parts of the RFP still needing review and comments. 

Maintain Fresh, Accurate Content

In this video we show you how users can request content review, admins can sort content by request reviews and updates and how tags or variables are used to keep content fresh and accurate.

Generate Outline-Driven Proposals & SOWs

Learn how to build powerful proposals, SOWs and RFPs through an advanced quote file. See how to collate sections into an outline that creates instant outputs for these documents.

Set up RFP Response Builder

Just signed up and want to get started? Watch this quick video on the easiest way to set up and start using RFP Response Builder. RFP Response Builder is designed to get you up and running quickly.