RFP Software for Investment Management

Streamline your responses to RFPs for investment management services and win deals faster than your competitors. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office, RFP Response Builder lets you quickly create error-free response documents that help generate more conversions.  

How Automation Can Set You Up 
for Success

Breeze through repetitive questions

Investment consultants receive countless similar RFPs every month. An automated RFP tool helps centralize content, letting you save time answering common questions or updating responses as needed.

Expedite processes and keep files in order

Responding to RFPs is a multi-step process that involves searching through massive content and communicating between teams and clients.
RFP response software eliminates tedious tasks such as copying and pasting from emails, merging documents, or solving format issues. Any changes to content are auto-saved and stored in a common library that is accessible to the rest of the team.

Collaborate across teams with ease

Responding to RFPs for investment management services requires cooperation between contributors and reviewers. With an RFP response software, you can easily assign tasks, oversee timelines, send notifications, and communicate with team members.

Gain a competitive edge
with RFP Response Builder

Content management made easy

As the volume of RFPs for investment consultants increases, RFP Response Builder allows you to expedite content management so you can capture more business opportunities faster. Our software lets you view content and make changes in real-time, ensuring your responses are always fresh, precise, and accessible.

Hassle-free RFP management

RFP Response Builder’s workflow features let you deliver responses to RFPs for investment advisors in record time. Break down responses into simpler sections that can be assigned to team members for faster review. Built-in workflows let you auto-generate updated RFP response documents and minimize the endless back-and-forth emails.

Track projects from a dynamic dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of all pending tasks and documents using our automated cloud-based dashboard. Check tasks by project and set notifications using any mobile device or web browser. This way, you can reduce delays, mitigate potential issues, and ensure everything is on track.

Work anytime, anywhere with a cloud-synchronized
content library

RFP Response Builder makes use of a cloud-based content library that allows users to work offline and gain easy access to documents without interruption. Benefit from a searchable Content Library that consists of text, graphics, tables, or any kind of content that can be included in a Word file.

Enjoy swift installation and user adoption

Expect RFP Response Builder to be up and running within an hour from installation.
The software is built into Microsoft Office tools such as Word and Excel, meaning most users quickly respond to the familiarity of the software’s features. Admins can also add users, designate roles, and send an auto-generated email with log-in credentials and installation links.

Transform Your RFP Response Process

RFP Response Builder offers a comprehensive and customized system that allows users to build and refine RFP responses in real time. Get unrivaled support from the moment you receive an RFP up to the final revisions. Try our software now and save time, improve results, and drive revenue with just a few clicks.

Trust RFP Response Builder to deliver from start to finish

For investment advisors, an efficient RFP response process can be the difference between winning and losing clients. With RFP Response Builder, investment consultants can access powerful knowledge management capabilities necessary to secure deals with less effort.

Through a cloud-based content library, easily create, edit, assess, validate, and approve valuable knowledge anytime and anywhere. Work offline and make files instantly available to relevant users.

With all your RFP knowledge stored in a single location, you can deliver better responses in less time, simplify routine tasks, and secure more opportunities for revenue growth.

See it in action or try it for free

Amid endless requests and counterproposals, RFP Response Builder helps you stay organized and focused. From crafting responses to reviewing and submission, optimize every step of the process through our cloud-synchronized content library. Install our software today and produce flawless RFP response documents.