RFP Software for Construction Management Services

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Don’t let outdated content and missing files stop you from closing more deals. Get fast and fresh responses to RFPs for construction management services whenever you need them. With RFP Response Builder, you can automate tedious processes, assign roles, and update your content library with ease.

RFP Response Builder Makes RFPs Suck Less!

Instant project tracking

A comprehensive dashboard feature increases visibility of tasks and deadlines, helping you limit delays and inefficiencies.

Flawless proposals and statements of work

Produce polished and powerful proposals and statements of work designed to safeguard project margins and attract more deals.

Mistake-free Reviews

Using the Final Review function, auto-check for tracked changes, unfilled variables, orphaned comments, and/or any items that require revision.

Auto-formatting features

Our auto-formatting feature makes inserted text mimic the fonts and styles used in the document, helping you save countless hours in content revisions.

Worry-free content management

Search, add, or update existing content directly into Microsoft Word or Excel files from your Builder Library. You can also use the outline features to create stand-alone responses to requests for engineering proposals and import content from your library, shared documents, and/or local drive.

Local and cloud-synchronized

Since content is stored locally, you can work offline and search through files quickly. Content is also cloud-synchronized allowing instant content distribution to all authorized users, wherever they are.

The pros of RFP automation

Construction companies that continue to rely on manual RFP
management miss out on huge growth opportunities.
Learn how automating your responses to RFPs for construction
management services can take your sales process to the next level.

Greater time savings

Automation makes repetitive tasks much faster, efficient, and accurate. Spending less time accomplishing routine tasks gives your team more time to accomplish higher-value projects.

Consistency and quality

Manually responding to requests for design builds often involves searching through multiple spreadsheets, emails, and messages. Automation lowers the risk of sending inaccurate proposals and/or outdated statements of work. With reliable RFP software, you can rest assured that proposals are always polished and completed on time.

Improved productivity

An automated software solution comes with features designed to simplify processes and solve common problems that plague work teams. It eliminates the need to search far and wide for content or track responses from other team members. This way, you can focus on scoring more deals and revenue.

See RFP Response Builder

in Action! 

RFP Management Tool You Can Trust

A seamless user experience

RFP Response Builder is designed with straightforward and easy-to-use features and commands.

No long-term commitments

We allow our clients to cancel anytime and will never force you to use our RFP Response Builder.

Dedicated customer support.

Browse our vast online library of videos, tutorials, and shortcuts. Or give us a call and enjoy personalized support every step of the way.

Fast and responsive

Enjoy easy access to content and track updates in real-time.

Integrated with MS Office

Seamlessly add content to your library from any Word or Excel document.

Cloud-Synced Content

Edit content and implement changes to all users for instant access both on and off-line.

Instant productivity

Not only is RFP Response Builder easy to use, it’s also easy to install. Start building RFPs immediately within an hour of downloading the software and shorten cycle deals. We also have various training videos to help you with any difficulties you might encounter along the way.

Secure More RFPs for Construction Projects

Just like any organization, contractors spend countless hours every month responding to requests for architecture proposals. And it makes sense since proposals can be the difference between securing or losing deals.

With the majority of businesses operating in the digital realm, chances are, your competitors are already using an automated software solution. RFP Response Builder can help your team personalize responses, reduce potential mistakes, and stand out from the crowd.

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