RFP Software for 
Marketing and Advertising Services

Automate responses to RFPs for marketing services with an intuitive and easy-to-use RFP Response Builder. Simplify content management, allow seamless collaboration, and produce polished responses that attract more sales.

Why Choose RFP Response Builder?

Stored Locally and Cloud-synchronized

Since content is stored locally, users can quickly access files even when they are offline. Content is also cloud-synchronized, meaning content is seamlessly distributed to all team members, wherever they are.

Compelling Proposals and Statements of Work

Close more deals and protect project margins by delivering refined and updated client-facing documents.

Mistake-free Reviews

RFP Response Builder comes with a Final Review function that automatically highlights tracked changes, unfilled variables, abandoned comments, and/or any items that need to be edited.

Project Tracking

Make assignments and deadlines visible to all team members using our comprehensive Dashboard. This way, you can reduce the risk of delays and inconsistencies.

Powerful Auto-Formatting Features

Easy Content Management

Thanks to the software’s auto-formatting feature, all inserted text automatically inherits the typefaces used in the document. This removes the need to manually change the format of any new content.
Adding content to your RFP response document is fast and straightforward. User adoption is also painless since RFP Response Builder integrates with the applications you use daily including Microsoft Word and Excel. Additionally, our outline features let you make stand-alone advertising RFP responses and access content from your library, shared documents, and/or local drive.

Why automation is the future 
of RFP Response Management

Learn how an automated RFP response software can help you
shorten the deal cycle and set your agency up for success.

Save more time

No more searching through endless files or manually cutting and pasting content. By investing in a RFP response software, you can quickly access files when you need them and refresh content with a few simple clicks.

Ensure consistent content and quality

An automated RFP response management tool makes it easier to ensure materials are consistent and reflective of your brand. You can also track and correct issues faster compared to manual auditing methods.

Boost team productivity

An automated RFP response solution allows teams to build repeatable workflows, so they can send accurate and prompt responses to RFPs for marketing services. By streamlining RFP management, team members can expedite processes and have more time for higher-value projects.

RFP Response Software You Can Rely On

Intuitive and easy to use

With simple yet powerful features, RFP Response Builder is a tool that is easy to operate right from the start.

Instant access to content

With the RFP Response Builder, keeping your response documents up to date is as easy as editing content in Microsoft Word. 

Seamless user adoption

Expect lightning quick setup and even faster user adoption since the software is built into tools your team uses every day. Admins can immediately add users, assign roles, and send an auto-generated email with log-in details and installation links.  At this rate, you can start refining your library within an hour of downloading the software.

Personalized customer support

Experiencing technical difficulties? We have countless resources including training videos, tutorials, and shortcuts to help you along the way. Our lines are also open for all your questions and concerns.

But is it worth the investment?

Even though almost any company may benefit from advertising services, landing new clients is still a challenging task for most marketing agencies and professionals. It often involves multiple proposals, counter-proposals, and endless back-and-forth communication.

RFP Response Builder offers the ease and efficiency that busy marketing agencies need. We take away the burden of responding to requests for advertising proposals, helping you personalize documents, gain a competitive edge, and increase win rates.

Try RFP Response Builder for Free

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