Project File Hosting

During the Free Trial, we host your RFP project files in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS).  We do this to minimize the setup requirements for the Free Trial.  After the Free Trial, we charge an additional $5 per user per month (across ALL users in your account) to continue with this service.

RFP Response Builder also provides you with a couple of other ways to host project files on your own:

  • SharePoint Online.  This is the recommended file hosting approach, and is included with most Microsoft 365 subscription plans.  We like this approach best because of SharePoint's deep feature set, including the ability for multiple users to co-author a single document at the same time.
  • Network drive.  We do not recommend this approach, as files on user machines will only upload to the network drive when the user is connected to the corporate network.

If you do not wish to continue having us host your project files, as a courtesy we will continue to host the files in AWS for 30 days following the date of your free trial registration so that you can transition to your new file hosting approach.

Please note that the $5 per user per month charge covers the first 25Gb storage, as averaged across all users.  Additional increments of 25Gb cost $2.50 per user per month and must be purchased across ALL users in your account.  For example, for $7.50 per user per month you'll be able to store an average of 50Gb per user.