Inserting Variables into a Document (Word)

Administrator Help Topic

Variables can be inserted in both templates and content, enabling RFP Builder to replace the variable names with actual data when RFP Responses or other documents are generated as outputs.  To insert variables, simply type the variable names directly into the template or section document. When output documents are generated, RFP Builder will replace the variable names with the actual data residing in the Quote File. 
Variable names should contain NO SPACES and should begin and end with an ampersand.  Variables are not sensitive to capitalization.  Some examples of built-in variables names: &EndCust&, &ContactFirstName& and &ContactTitle&. 
In addition to the built-in variables, RFP Builder also enables you to create your own variable names on any Excel tab (see Create your own custom variables for more information). For example, if you create a field for “Primary Customer Service Rep” in the Base Info tab, you can create a variable for that data (perhaps called &PrimaryCustRep&).  Because the variable data comes from Excel, you can also use Excel's formulas to calculate or construct the data associated with the variables.