Why is desktop software installation required?

Although much of our application is cloud-based – in particular the browser-based Dashboard that helps you manage your projects and files – we require the installation of desktop software to provide features and advantages that separate our solution from any other RFP response and proposal generation solution on the market, including:

  • Deep integration with Microsoft Office at the desktop, enabling you to utilize the power and user familiarity that these tools provide
  • Integration with various shared file platforms (SharePoint, network drives, Amazon Web Services) so that you can store project files YOUR WAY
  • The ability to tag and assign content within a Word document for review and follow-up
  • Outline-driven RFP responses, proposals and statements of work using Excel, which allows you to harness the power of Excel formulas to “configure” content
  • Super-fast access to the content library, which is synced to the desktop via the cloud
  • Offline use of much of the functionality, including “checking out” files from the shared file platform locations