Client-Defined Fields - Enterprise Only (Dashboard)

Administrator Help Topic

Client Defined Fields are available only to Enterprise Plan customers.  From this View, the Administrator can define custom data fields that are pushed to the Dashboard from (Excel) Quote Files at the Desktop.  Custom data can be pushed to the following entities:

  • Opportunity entity.  Custom TEXT (only) data can be pushed to the Opportunity entity when the Opportunity is created when the Quote File is first saved (in Excel) at the Desktop. 
  • Quote entity.  Custom TEXT or NUMERIC data can be pushed to the Quote entity every time a Quote File is saved (in Excel) at the Desktop.  The numeric data will also be “rolled up” and totaled into the Opportunity entity and shown in the Opportunities View. 

Add a Client Defined Field (Dashboard)

  1. First, add a single-cell named range to your Base Info tab or any of your Outline Tabs.  See the Use Excel's named range functionality help topic for more information on how to add a named range to a tab. 
  1. In Admin >> Client-Defined Fields go to the Actions menu and choose Add Field 
  1. In the Entity field select either Opportunity or Quote depending on where the new field is going to appear (on the Opportunity row or Quote row) 
  1. In the Client Defined Field field, select the “internal” hard coded field name from the pulldown 
    • If the name contains “Text” within it, then it’s a text field.   
    • If the name contains “Total” within it, then it’s a numeric field. For the Quote entity, there are 5 text and 10 numeric fields from which to choose.  For the Opportunity entity, there are 5 text fields from which to choose. 
  1. In the Quote File Range Name field, enter the name of the Excel range in the Quote File from which the data should be pulled 
  1. In the Column Header field, enter the text that should be displayed as the column header label in the Dashboard 
  1. From the Format pull down select TEXT, NUMERIC, or CURRENCY 
  1. Click the Save button 
  1. If you do not see the new field, refresh your data and/or go to the Columns Menu icon to the left of view.  Make sure that the new field has a check-mark beside it. 

Edit a Client Defined Field

You can double-click on any of the fields in the Client Defined Fields View to edit them.

Delete a Client Defined Field

  1. Click Admin >> Client-Defined Fields and check the box(es) in front of the Client Defined Field(s) to be deleted 
  1. Click Actions >> Delete Field(s) 
  1. Click the OK button when the confirmation window displays