Opportunity Stages (Dashboard)

Administrator Help Topic

From this View the Administrator can add (set up) Opportunity Stages, give an Opportunity Stage a name, set the default close probability associated with a stage, determine the stage types, set which stage will be the default stage and also set the order in which each stage will appear in the drop down list the users will see. Most clients find it helpful to have the stages they create in the Dashboard mirror the stages they have defined in their CRM system, because this provides consistency and a common language between tools you use to manage your sales process. There is no limit on the number of stages you can define.

You can manage Opportunity Stages by clicking your name in the top right of the View and selecting Admin, then clicking Opportunity Stages in the left-hand panel.  

Add an Opportunity Stage (Dashboard)

  1. In Admin >> Opportunity Stages go to the Actions menu and select Add Stage 
  1. Enter Opportunity Stage name 
  1. In the Order field, type the number it will appear in the list (lowest number goes at the top of the list) 
  1. Type in the default close probability percent (as a whole number) into the Probability field 
  1. Check the Default box if this will be the default stage 
  1. From Stage Type select Open, Won or Lost from the drop down.  Usually, most “active” stages will be associated with the “Open” Stage Type. 
  1. Click the Save button 

Delete an Opportunity Stage

  1. In Admin >> Opportunity Stages click the box(es) in front of the Opportunity Stage(s) you want to delete 
  1. In the Actions menu choose “Delete Stage(s)”
Note:  You cannot delete an Opportunity Stage if that stage is currently associated with any of your opportunities. Locate any opportunities that are associated with the stage you’d like to delete and re-assign the stage to another stage and then you can delete the stage. 

Edit an Opportunity Stage

  1. Double-click the field you wish to edit 
  1. Type your changes in the field 
  1. Click out of the field and your changes will be saved