Editing and Updating Custom Tabs (Excel)

Administrator Help Topic

RFP Builder allows you to customize your tabs to best fit your business.  Although this provides you with great flexibility, there are some very specific rules and conventions that must be followed.  
The basic rules and conventions are as follows:
  • The Base Info, RFP Outline Tabs, and new tabs you create are the only tabs that can be edited.  These tabs can be accessed by going to C:/CorsPro/PQuote/Data for baseinfo.xlsx and C:/CorsPro/PQuote/Tabs for the rest of the tabs.  The tabs in this location are referred to as “Raw tabs” in the guides.  When a user opens a new Quote File, these tabs are incorporated into the Quote File in a protected mode. 
  • Tabs within a live Quote File are protected, so cells in which users need to enter data will need to be unprotected.  We have created cell a shortcut cell style which is unprotected and has a bold, blue font – the cell Style name is “InputCell”.  Using this font format makes it easier for users to identify cells they can change.  The cells that should be protected (so that users cannot change/edit them) are formatted in black font (using the "Normal" Style).  See The Importance of Styles for more details. 
  • Avoid deleting rows and columns, as those operations may also delete content further out in a row or further down in a column.  Instead, highlight the cells, right click and choose “Clear Contents”. 

For more information on creating new outline tabs, please see the Create custom outline tabs help topic.