Creating a New Outline Tab (Excel)

Administrator Help Topic

Outlines are created as tabs in the Excel Tool.  You can create multiple pre-built outlines/templates for your users.  For example, you may want to create an Outline Tab that is for certain verticals like Education, Healthcare, etc.  You can also create customized Outline Tabs for proposals, SOWs, sales letters, email campaigns, etc.
We will be working with the Raw tabs which are individual excel files used by Administrators to customize the tabs for a live Quote File.  These files are auto-generated into one workbook when a user opens a new Quote File.
For this section we will use the example that we are creating a custom RFP Outline Tab for RFP Responses for the Healthcare industry.
Overview of Tab Customization steps: 

  1. Go to C:/CorsPro/PQuote/Tabs to get to the Raw Tabs. 
  1. Copy the RFP Outline.xls file and rename it as something that users will recognize (e.g., “RFP Outline – Healthcare”) 
  1. Change the name at the top of the worksheet (cell B1) to something that indicates what the tab is used for.  For example, “RFP Response Outline – Healthcare”.   
  1. Select a Doc Template and add custom content via the Insert menu 
  1. Modify the “DocContentRFP” named range if necessary (to fit the purpose of the outline) by going to Formulas >> Name Manager in Excel, making sure to start the name with “DocContent” 
  1. Make sure to save the file after you have made your changes 
  1. Distribute the Updates to your users 
  1. Users will be able to insert the Outline Tab you created by going to Insert >> Tab >> [name of custom tab] 
You can also create a new item on the Outputs menu for your new Outline tab.  Please see the Create new outputs menu item section for further details.
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