Initial Setup

Administrator Help Topic

Download Software

First, download the software from the auto-generated email that includes your login information and software download links.

Sign into the Dashboard

  1. Logon to the Dashboard From a browser:
  1. Click your name in the top right of the view and select Admin, then choose one of the options in the left panel 

Add New Users

  1. In the Dashboard go to Admin >> Users 
  1. Go to the Actions menu and choose Add User 
  1. Complete the information in the pop-up window including the user’s company email address and Builder Role (see the RFP Response Builder roles help topic) 
  1. If the user will have an account-level administrative role, which allows them to access the Admin views in the Dashboard, then check the Cloud Admin box 
  1. Click the Save button, at which point the Dashboard will auto-generate an email with their username (i.e., email address), auto-generated password and installation instructions. 
NOTE: at any time, you can re-generate the “new user” email, as follows…

  1. From the Users view in the Admin section of the Dashboard, check the box next to one or more of your users 
  1. Go to the Actions menu and choose Email Password
If users forget their passwords, you can either send them a “new user” email, or they can click the “Forgot password” link on the login page, in which case they will be sent a temporary password and asked to enter and confirm a new password.

Important! Reminder: let your users know they will need to register as a user at the Desktop in the Word Tool or Excel Tool via Settings >> Register as RFP Response Builder user.  

Builder Roles

With RFP Response Builder, you can assign roles with different access levels.  Most users are assigned the Viewer role.  Users can be assigned one of three roles:
  1. Viewers can view and insert RFP Response Builder content into RFP response documents.  This is the default role.  Viewers cannot insert/edit content in the Content Library.  Viewers can also request that content be reviewed by Admin.  Recommendation:  Most users should have this role. 
  1. Contributors can also add and edit content.  In addition, Contributors can request that content be reviewed by an Admin.  Recommendation:  A few trained and trusted users should be assigned this role. 
  1. Admins can also delete content, add/edit categories and subcategories, and approve/clear review requests.  Recommendation:  Besides you, there should be at least one other Administrator as back-up. 
If Builder Role is left blank, then the user will be considered a Viewer.
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