Using Variables

Administrator Help Topic

You can insert variables into your RFP response documents.  Variables are data markers or fields for customer, project, and other information.  For example, &EndCust& is a variable for the customer name.  So, if you have a document with &EndCust& in place of a customer name, when the final document is generated it will include that particular customer’s name.
Variables are connected to the project specific data in the Base Info tab.  When a user generates the output, any variables in the sections of the outline will be filled with the related data.  
Following are the ways to use variables:
  • In Excel… 
    • Automatically by generating an output via the Outputs menu.  Go to Outputs >> Generate RFP Response Document 
    • Admins can add custom variables to the Base Info tab which then makes them available to all users 
  • In Word… 
    • Users can click Variables >> Find/replace variables to find the variables in a Word document and replace them with the actual information   
    • Users can go to Variables >> Insert variables to find a list of variables (pulled from the Base Info tab) that they can add to their Word documents 
    • Contributors and Admins can go to Variables >> Insert variables to find a list of variables that they can add to content in the library (in Edit mode) 
Please see the Inserting variables and Create your own custom variables help topics for more information.