Checking In/Out Documents (Word)

Files can be checked out from the Dashboard.  You can use this feature when you want to be the only person editing the file; think of it as checking out a book at a library.  This is an especially useful feature for customers who do not use SharePoint and more than one person cannot work in the same document at the same time (co-authoring).  When a file is checked-out, RFP Builder notifies other users that you are working on the document and gives them a warning when they try to open the file. You can only check-out Word and Excel files.   
The file will indicate that it is checked-out with a yes/no in the In Use column on the Dashboard (hover over the “yes” in the In Use column to see who has checked-out the file).

Check OUT a Word file

  1. In Word, go to Files/Docs >> File check-outs >> Check OUT this file 
Note:  Don’t forget to check the file back in when you are done so that other users can access the file.  

Check IN a Word file

  1. In Word, go to Files/Docs >> File check-outs >> Check IN this file

View/Open Checked-Out Files

You can use this menu option if you want to view the files that you have currently checked-out or to open a particular checked-out file. 
  1. In Word, go to Files/Docs >> File check-outs >> View/open checked-out files 
Note:  You need to open checked-out files from the File check-outs dialogue, as the checked-out files are stored on the local machine (as opposed to the shared file location).  Checked-out files cannot be opened from the Dashboard without spawning a separate copy (users will be warned if they try to open a checked-out file).

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