Overview of RFP Response Builder Tools

There are three tools contained within RFP Response Builder:  a Word tool, an Excel tool and the browser-based Dashboard.  The Word and Excel tools can be used independently or together.  
The Word Tool allows users to… 
  • Respond directly within the RFP document 
  • Assign selected content to other users for Review 
  • Work on the same document at the same time if you are a SharePoint user (called co-authoring).  See How to access the Word Tool.
The Excel Tool allows users to … 
  • Build an outline of the RFP response document and then generate the response output, which assembles all of the sections into one document.
  • Email links to the sections of an RFP response to others in your organization.
  • Use separate sections so that multiple people can review/edit; this is especially useful for organizations that do not have SharePoint and cannot co-author (work in a document at the same time).  See How to access the Excel tool.
The Dashboard allows users to … 
  • Access RFP projects (aka opportunities) and related documents
  • View content-reviews assigned to other team members  
  • Manage RFP opportunities/projects
  • Manage Forecasting (Enterprise Only)
  • Manage users and roles (Admin)
  • Manage initial setup, network information, opportunity stages, and client-defined fields (Admin)
  • See How to access the Dashboard.

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