Sort/Add/Delete/Edit Columns

To sort a Dashboard column, click the column header.

To move a column:

  1. Hover over the column heading you want to move 
  1. Click and drag the column heading to the desired location 
  2. Release the mouse when you have repositioned it 
  3. Don’t forget to save your View if desired 

To add or delete a column:

  1. Click the Columns Menu to the left of the View 
  1. The Columns View will open 
  1. Check the box to the left of the column name to see the column.  Uncheck the box to remove that column from your View. 
  1. To collapse the Column View, click the Column Menu again 

Change the column width:

  1. Hover your mouse on the line between columns until you get the left/right arrow. 
  1. Drag the arrow left or right to resize the column 

Reset the column width: 

  1. Go to column heading and choose the menu icon  
  1. Select the icon menu again if the pop-up view defaults to the filter options 
  1. Choose one of the following depending on desired outcome: 
    • Autosize This column to reset the column width of that column 
    • Autosize All columns to reset the column width of all columns 
    • Reset columns to reset all column adjustments 

To Pin a column:

  1. Go to column heading and choose the menu icon  
  1. Choose Pin Column 
  1. Choose position: Left, Right, or No Pin; this will keep the column fixed to either the right or the left of your View. 
  1. Choose “No Pin” to unpin a column