Email Doc Section Links to Others (Excel)

You can email links to Doc Sections to other members of the team from the Excel Tool.

  1. In the Excel Tool first save the Quote File 
  1. In the RFP Outline Tab select the cells for the sections in the outline that you want reviewed by another individual using your mouse and the Ctrl+Shift keys. 
  1. Click on Outline  
  1. Click on Email doc links for selected rows 
  1. An email will open with links to the selected sections, enter recipient(s) name 
    • The recipient does not have to be an RFP Builder user, but they do have to have access to the shared file location 
    • The user will click on the link(s) to access the content.  If they make any edits and Save (they should not Save As and move the file save location), you will be able to see the changes reflected in your RFP Outline (RFP Response >> Open selected file).  

Note:  You cannot send links to Doc Sections from the Content Library.  If library content needs to be update, see Request Content Review

Marking Content for Review from Excel
Sending Doc links to others does not assign them to review the content and therefore cannot be tracked via the Dashboard.  To assign content to be reviewed open the Doc File from the Outline and once it's opened in Word then Mark the Content for Review.