Select a Doc Template (Excel)

You can choose the default Word styles, formatting, headers/footers, cover page and other initial content for your RFP response document by either browsing for a doc template file or choosing a doc template from the database.
  1. In the Excel Tool, make sure that the Quote File has already been saved.
  1. Within the Outline Grid, click on the first cell under Content.
  1. Go to Insert >> Doc Template >> … 
  1. Choose either… 
    • From database (which contains doc templates that your Administrator has added) 
    • From file (browse for DOT or DOTX files) 
  1. A reference to the doc template will be brought into the outline and will be used as the basis for formatting your output, as well as bringing in the headers/footers and initial content for your final output document.
  1. The “From File (browse)” option allows you to find a file that you want your output document to emulate style-wise (margins, fonts, etc.).  This option is especially helpful if you want your output to match the style of the original RFP and/or you want to include some initial content from the original RFP. 
The “From database” option uses doc templates set up in your database by your Administrator.  

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