Sectioning or Shredding an RFP (Word)

RFP response documents can be broken down into smaller components, then later re-assembled into the final RFP response document.  This enables you to “shred” the RFP into sections so that each section can be worked on by other members of the team.  This is especially helpful if your organization does not use SharePoint and more than one person cannot co-author the same document at the same time. 
RFP response documents are first broken down into document sections, and then references to those sections are inserted into the RFP Outline Tab in the Excel Tool.  Once responses for all sections are complete, you can re-assemble them into one document simply by generating the final RFP response document in the Outputs menu in the Excel tool.

If you need to first convert a PDF file to a Word file, use a conversion tool (such as Adobe Acrobat, which creates the "cleanest" conversion available) or you can use our conversion function via Add-ins >> Outputs >> Convert PDF to Word or Excel.

Extract a Doc Section

  1. In your Word document highlight the text and images you want in your section, which can be several pages 
  1. Go to Outputs >> Extract selection to New Doc 
  1. A window will open for you to enter the name of the section you are extracting 
    • The sections will be auto-saved to the location shown.  You can change the location by choosing Change Folder. We recommend saving extracted documents to your local PC. 
  1. Repeat this process for any sections you want to extract 
Next, you will need to insert references to the extracted doc sections into an outline in the Excel Tool.  See Inserting Shredded Sections into Outline (Excel) for more information.