RFP Finalize Document Review Leads to Higher Win Rates

An annual RFP report collected data from 650+ teams across North America and found that companies who submit higher volumes of RFPs have better win rates.

The logical conclusion would be to submit a higher volume of RFPs to improve your RFP win rate. Right? Hold up - it’s not that easy.

How many times has all your hard work amounted to nothing because an RFP went out the door with mistakes? An intro page greeting, or client name is accidentally not removed from the previous RFP, or an incorrect product description is left in the document, diminishing your chances of winning that RFP.

This is not the only impediment to pumping out a higher volume of RFPs. The same RFP report sited, the number one problem with getting RFPs out the door is getting timely support from internal experts.

Managing accurate RFP content, spot-checking inserted content, getting experts to respond in a timely manner all make the RFP process …well, suck and ultimately impact win rates.

Every RFP lead needs to perform a final document review before submitting the response to find errors quickly and get RFPs out the door quicker.

RFP Final Document Review

RFPs go out the doors with errors for lots of reasons. What the human eye can miss, an automated RFP response and review process can catch. We call this the Final Document Review. 
Final document reviews typically occur once you’ve inserted content, completed all content reviews, filled in any variables, and made all the needed changes in your RFP response document. During an automated review, a wizard will sweep through the active document and find any unreplaced variables, incomplete sections marked for review, remaining comments, and tracked changes that have not been accepted/rejected (as seen in the image below).
Once the document is reviewed and all errors fixed, you can now turn it into a PDF or send it electronically via products like DocuSign. Streamlined RFP response tools will include these types of plugins into the software, making it just that much easier to get RFPs out the door faster.

RFP Response Software That Does the Job

Fixing items quickly and accurately are the two important factors for improving your RFP Win Rate.

Some enterprise-level RFP Response tools are expensive and require a lengthy onboarding process. Not the case with RFP Response Builder. While it helps you deliver professional and error-free RFP responses that are sure to beat the competition and win more deals, RFP Response Builder has two significant advantages over other RFP tools:

  1. RFP Response Builder is a built-in Microsoft Office, so it’s easy to learn and use. Don’t add another piece of disconnected software to the workload. Use a tool you are already familiar using.
  2. Day 1 Productivity - You can start using RFP Response Builder within an hour of downloading it. Start adding content with your very next RFP, then perfect your library and categorize your content as you go.

If you spend at least 5 hours a month finding content, cutting/pasting, and reformatting your RFP responses, RFP Response Builder may be the right fit for you. Discover how an automated RFP response software solution can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to respond to RFPs, producing polished, mistake-free response documents that help you win more RFPs in less time, hence increasing your win rate!

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