Adding Content to the Content Library (Word)

Administrator Help Topic

It’s easy for Admins or Contributors to add content to the Content Library:
  1. Open the Word document that contains the content you want to add to the Content Library 
  1. Go to Add-ins >> Content Library to open the Content Library panel  
  1. In the document, highlight the content that you want to add 
  1. Click the Add icon (plus sign)   
  1. Modify the Description as needed; RFP Builder will make its best guess, but this can be modified.  We recommend that you keep the description short. 
  1. Optionally select a category and/or subcategory to associate with the content by … 
    • Selecting an existing Category and Subcategory or …
    • Clicking Add New to create a new Category or Subcategory.   Note: You have to select/create a Category before you can select/create a new Subcategory.
  2. Review and update the formatting and line spacing as needed.  You'll notice that Word Styles and other formatting are removed from the content so that it can be inserted “cleanly” into the library.
  3. Click the Save button to save the content to the Content Library
  4. The new content will automatically be pushed out to all users via a cloud-based sync process 

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