Inserting and Using Variables (Excel)

You can insert variables into your RFP response documents.  Variables are data markers or fields for customer, project, and other information.  For example, &EndCust& is a variable for the customer name.  So, if you have a document with &EndCust& in place of a customer name, when the final document is generated it will include that particular customer’s name.  
Using variables saves time and prevents simple mistakes like leaving old customer information in a document. This is especially helpful for documents or content that will be used multiple times for different projects. Variables are connected to the project-specific data in the Base Info tab of a Quote File.  When you generate the output, any variables in your sections in the outline will be filled with the related data automatically.  
You can also push variables from the Base Info tab to various outputs via the Outputs menu.
See Insert and replace variables for more information on adding variables to a document

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