Creating the RFP Response Document and Project (Word)

Associating the RFP response document with a new or existing RFP opportunity is an important first step, and automatically sets up the project. This allows for review tracking, management of the project via the Dashboard, and sharing of (with other members of the RFP response team) the documents related to the particular RFP response. When you associate the RFP response document with an opportunity, RFP Builder also auto-saves the RFP response document to a shared file location.

First, determine whether you are going to create a separate response document or if you are required to respond directly within the original RFP.  
  1. Open the RFP response document in Word…
    • Open a blank document or open the original RFP if you are required to respond directly within the RFP
    • If you need to first convert a PDF file to a Word file, use a conversion tool such as Adobe Acrobat (which creates the “cleanest” conversion available) or you can use our conversion function via Add-ins >> Outputs >> Convert PDF to Word or Excel
  2. Associate the document to an opportunity in the the Dashboard by going to Add-ins >> Files/Docs >> Auto-name/save this file 
    • Choose to associate the document with a new opportunity (see the screenshot to the right) and fill in the requested fields or…
    • Choose to associate the document with an existing opportunity
  3. You are now ready to start adding content, adjusting the formatting, and setting up sections to be reviewed by others.  When you're done, save the document.
  4. After you close the document, you’ll be able to see it in the Dashboard after it gets pushed to your shared file location, which takes just a few seconds.  You can get to the Dashboard by going to Files/Docs >> Open Dashboard in browser
Example opportunity in the Dashboard
Note:  You will not see the document in the Dashboard until the file is closed.   If you want to reopen the document at any time, open it from the Dashboard; this ensures that all changes you make are saved to the Dashboard.  

More Information:
Example of associating to a NEW opportunity